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Fred Lamb’s experience as a graphic designer, tempered by his corporate background in manufacturing and product design, has given him a broad perspective and understanding of business management and marketing that is truly unique to the graphic design field.

As one of Southern California’s premier creative shops, Fred Lamb Design specializes in creating corporate identity and marketing support strategies for the manufacturing, medical, professional, financial, horticultural and academic fields.

Fred and his team of associates combine the latest in digital technologies with more than three decades of successful design strategies.



We view corporate identity as the visual representation of the core values of a Corporation.  Our goal is to portray the essence of these values through targeted branding and crafted trademarks (logos) that engage the market and capture the corporate personality.

At Fred Lamb Design, we identify and enhance the corporate personality. We understand the nuances of this core business element and its vital place in achieving success.



We view a logo as a graphic fingerprint created for the purpose of establishing a unique visual identity. Our visual identities are designed to stand the test of time and remain relevant as your company grows.



Why rely on “cloned or template” print materials when you can have original materials created specifically for you and your target market?

We believe that well-designed and effective marketing materials begin with a hands-on approach. With a successful career background in product design, manufacturing, sales and distribution, Fred Lamb knows the sales cycle. His designs for marketing materials start with functionality and follow through with unique intellectual properties that enhance the image and optimize the sales cycle.



Fred Lamb founded Mudlen Originals in the early 1980s to satisfy a desire to design and produce ceramics for the gift ware and gourmet products field.  For eight years the company enjoyed growth and national recognition.  Most of its success was attributed to the unique, creative packaging and point-of-purchase

displays designed and developed by Fred Lamb.  During the company history, products were developed for the Ford Foundation, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Knott’s berry Farm plus a national product line sold throughout the USA by national chains and hundreds independent gift stores.